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Transport Canada releases TERMPOL Review Report on Energy East Marine Terminal

TERMPOL report
The Technical Review Process of Marine Terminal Systems and Transshipment Sites (TERMPOL) Report for the Canaport Energy East Marine Terminal is now available and can be requested in English and French from Transport Canada directly.
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Energy East – What’s in it for New Brunswick?

Here is how the Energy East team works to deliver a world-class project that will safely transport the oil Eastern Canada needs.
The Energy East Pipeline is one of the largest energy infrastructure projects ever undertaken in North America. As a nation, we need to be able to transport Western oil resources to where they are needed, in Eastern Canada.
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Quebec coalition says yes to Energy East

Unions show support for pipeline project as NEB hearings kick off in Montreal.
“(We) believe that Energy East is very important for Quebec’s economic growth and its energy future.” – Coalition of Quebec-based business groups and unions Just days before protestors interrupted and subsequently delayed National Energy Board (NEB) hearings in Montreal on
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Pipeline landowners talk about Energy East

Bert Parker’s Saskatchewan farm was passed down to him from his dad, and he has been operating it for nearly 30 years. Since the 1950s, his family has worked with TransCanada – it all began when his dad negotiated an agreement that allowed the Canadian Mainline natural gas pipeline to
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Historic occasion for unions on Energy East

On July 14, a historic memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between TransCanada and the senior representatives of four major unions and the Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada (PLCAC) representing Canadian pipeline workers for jobs on the Energy East Pipeline project.
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Energy East regulatory review moves to next stage

Today’s National Energy Board (NEB) completeness determination for the Energy East Pipeline marks another step toward making this important national project a reality. “This is an important and welcomed milestone after four years of scientific analysis, study and engagement with thous
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Canadians got skills: Investing in our youth

Honing their skills: TransCanada is proud to support the development of tradespeople across the country.
Did you know? The Canadian oil and gas industry supports half a million jobs across our country. The Energy East Pipeline Project alone will create 14,000 direct and indirect jobs annually during its design and construction. We’ll need the experience of thousands of tradesmen and wome
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Pipelines and climate change: 3 answers to your questions

We care about climate change. We work hard to reduce the carbon intensity of our operations.
Within the debate on climate change, there are questions about pipelines and how they fit into the world’s efforts to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Some people ask – does Canada really need Energy East? The answer is yes, unequivocally, and here is why: Global energy demand is
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One pipeline. One voice. Take a stand!

Support for Energy East is growing. Opinion polls show that 64% of Canadians want to see this much-needed pipeline built. That’s two in three Canadians! If you support the project, take a stand and join the 14,000+ Canadians who have already signed up to the Energy East Action Network
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3 years in action: The important work behind environmental impact studies

It takes years to build a pipeline, and meticulous planning is a huge part of the process. Since announcing the Energy East project in August 2013, our teams have been busy collecting an extensive range of field data – from soil, air and geological features to wildlife and fisheries –
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