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7 things you need to know about pipeline safety

Many of the communities we talk to have questions about pipeline safety. We understand this and continue to work to answer these questions. Safety is our number one priority. It has been for over 65 years, and it will continue to be with Energy East. So, how will we help keep your com
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Safety – more than just a word

Unwavering commitment to pipeline safety from design and construction to operations.
“Our teams set out each day to earn the public’s trust” – John Soini, President Energy East Pipeline Project 825,000 kilometres. It’s the combined length of existing pipelines criss-crossing Canada. If you laid them end to end, that would be enough pipe to circle the earth
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From steel sheet to pipe fitting: See how Canadoil Forge delivers on safety

The heat treatment: The fitting part is heated at 920 degrees Celsius before being quenched in water to reinforce the strength and elasticity of the steel.
Martin Toutant sees each custom butt-weld pipe fitting his plant manufactures for the pipeline industry as a masterpiece. “People have no idea just how much work and attention to detail goes into making these parts,” says Toutant, the General Manager of Canadoil Forge Limited in Bécan
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