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Emergency preparedness in action: A fire chief tells all

The Cochrane Fire Department is a pillar in the northeastern Ontario community. The town was devastated by fire three times in the early 20th century so the fire hall is something of a landmark, a source of local pride, just like Chimo, the polar bear statue that is the mascot of the
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Get the facts on pipeline safety and emergency response!

Come talk safety with us: The Energy East team will tour 22 communities across the country to answer your questions on pipeline safety
Since announcing the Energy East project in August 2013, our teams have travelled across the country meeting with thousands of Canadians – landowners, Indigenous communities, local residents and elected officials – to answer important questions on a pipeline that will finally allow ou
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See how we monitor pipelines from the sky

A bird’s eye view: How we monitor pipelines from the sky
Some may say that Dan Sayewich has the best job in the world. On any given day, he wakes up in the morning and goes to work on one of the helicopters patrolling TransCanada’s extensive pipeline network in southern Ontario, Quebec, portions of the Maritimes and the Northeast U.S. “I’ve
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How surveys help us develop a safe pipeline project

Scenic photo of water and land
Environmental stewardship is about taking responsibility for our environmental impacts, which is why field studies are an important part of every project we undertake. The knowledge we gain through them allows us to develop the appropriate mitigation measures to minimize the impact th
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First responders – our partners in pipeline safety

TransCanada has been collaborating with local first responders for decades, drawing on their knowledge and training with them regularly to ensure that everyone knows what to do in the unlikely event of a pipeline incident.
Tom Henderson says that TransCanada has been a part of his life for longer than he can remember. “They give us the training we need to save time and efforts and do the job property if anything happens” – Tom Henderson, fire chief, Englehart “My history with pipelines goes back t
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Ask the Experts – How we prepare for emergencies

Emergency responders looking at plans
Firefighters and first responders are used to intervening in virtually every kind of emergency, from fires and natural disasters to search-and-rescue operations. Firefighter veteran Billy Goldfeder will tell you that what first responders don’t like are the emergencies they seldom, if
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