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A two-way street: our commitment to dialogue

Meaningful dialogue: Sharing facts about the Energy East project and listening to your comments, questions or concerns
The Giving Tree is a traditional Métis story that illustrates an important life lesson. From the eyes of little boy Moushoom, the tale describes a tree that, for generations, was used as a place for Métis travellers to store food, moccasins, tools and other items needed on a long jour
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How land surveys help us plan an ideal pipeline route

When Joe Young joined land survey firm J.D. Barnes as a summer student in 1987, he probably did not expect that he would one day run the company. The employee-owned business has come a long way since being founded by entrepreneurial surveyor John Duncan Barnes in 1960. It now employs
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An Important Conversation with Landowners

Bert Parker has been farming his 1,000-acre property outside Broadview, Saskatchewan, for nearly 30 years. And before him, his dad did. His family’s relationship with TransCanada goes back to the 1950s when his dad negotiated an agreement that allowed our company to bury the Can
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