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How many jobs will Energy East create for Canadians?

Planning and building the pipeline will create more than 9,200 full-time direct jobs and over 4,700 indirect jobs. During the first 20 years of operation, Energy East is expected to sustain 900 full-time direct jobs across Canada, and thousands of indirect jobs.

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Why does Canada need the Energy East pipeline?

Canada needs a west-to-east pipeline, so our country can transport the vast supply of Western Canadian crude oil to refineries in the east.

Energy East will help decrease our dependence on foreign oil and add billions back into our own economy. In 2015, Canada’s oil imports surged 16 per cent to 736,000 barrels of oil a day, yet Canada holds the third largest oil reserves. At last year’s average oil price, that is $35 million leaving our economy every day. Our country is increasingly dependent on Middle Eastern and African countries that have no control on the environmental impact of their oil production instead of relying on our own reserves in Canada – home to some of the strictest environmental laws in the world.

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