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UA hails work opportunities Energy East will create

“Energy East is the most important construction project to be initiated in Canada since the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The project will benefit every province, town, any municipality that it passes through, not just with pipeline construction but also integrity work, pumping stations, tank farms, refinery upgrades, seaport transport, ongoing maintenance and facility management.

“It’s a win-win for all Canadians. The work opportunities this project will afford young Canadians are staggering when you take into consideration our ageing workforce. At $12 billion, it is the single largest construction job in Canada, or for that matter in North America. The UA looks forward to continue its long relation with TransCanada and we look forward to building Energy East for the good of all Canadians.”

John Telford — Director of Canadian Affairs, UA

TransCanada pipe donation to the UA Press Conference – July 29, 2014