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Energy East Pipeline

The Energy East project is a 4,500 km pipeline that will transport, safely, about 1.1 million barrels of oil per day from Alberta and Saskatchewan to the refineries of Eastern Canada and a marine terminal in New Brunswick.

Building and operating safe and reliable energy infrastructure – it’s what we do. From design and construction to operations and maintenance, safety is our number one priority.

In The News

  • We’re supportive of the TransCanada pipeline project. The reality is oil is going to flow and the only question is how are you going to do that; by rail, highway or pipeline. The pipeline is the way to go. It’s more environmentally friendly than transporting oil by rail or tanker truck.
    Iain Angus,
    NOMA Vice President
  • We believe it’s important that we rally together as a province, and make the argument that this is a project our province needs and wants in order to thrive. Port Saint John is only too happy to add its voice of support. As so many have noted, as goes the Port so goes the city and we believe so goes our Province. And that is something we should all be striving for.

    Why the Port supports Energy East
    Peter Gaulton
    Jim Quinn
  • I fully agree that pipelines are the safest way to transport oil and gas. I did attend the open houses that Energy East held recently in Pembroke, North Gower and Cornwall. They were very informative as to how they build the pipelines, and how they leave the land after they bury them. The company certainly has me believing that they do everything possible to make sure that pipelines are built with a safety-first attitude.

    Columnist offers knowledgeable opinion
    Bruce Knox,
    A resident of Nepean

Energy East Pipeline

Regulatory Filing

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Energy East Pipeline


TransCanada is a Canadian company with over 60 years’ experience building safe and reliable pipelines.
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Energy East Pipeline


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Energy East Pipeline


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