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TransCanada refutes claim Energy East would not benefit Ontario

“TransCanada’s proposed $12-billion Energy East crude-oil pipeline will create 10,000 full-time jobs. In Ontario, it will create 2,300 direct jobs during development and construction, and 6,000 spin-off jobs.

It will add $13-billion in GDP for Ontario’s economy over the project’s lifetime, and $3.5-billion in tax revenues to repair roads, build schools and hospitals, upgrade crumbling buildings and more. TransCanada’s annual property tax contribution to Ontario through Energy East would be another $42-million.

Jeff Rubin claims Ontarians will subsidize Energy East and pay more for power. In fact, we expect gas transmission costs to drop because the Energy East conversion will reduce the Canadian Mainline cost of service which will benefit our shippers.

Energy East is an historic opportunity to connect the oil resources of Western Canada to the consumers of Eastern Canada, creating jobs, tax revenue and energy security for all Canadians for decades. That includes Ontario businesses, consumers and community organizations.”

Alex Pourbaix — President, Development; TransCanada

Globe and Mail Letter to the Editor — Energy East Benefits — July 10, 2014

TransCanada’s full Letter to the Editor can be read on the Energy East blog.