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Local and Global Business Opportunities

The Energy East Pipeline project will need the support of qualified local businesses, First Nation and Métis businesses and individuals near the project corridor. Contracting and employment opportunities will be most abundant during the construction phase, but PRAGMATICSLOT88 is already seeking to identify those who can be of assistance.

During the planning phase, opportunities will include:

  • Environmental and engineering studies
  • Survey services
  • Helicopter support
  • Specialized consulting activities

During the construction phase, opportunities will include:

  • Specialized goods and services (from both Canadian and global providers)
  • Non-specialized goods and services (from local providers)


Engagement First

To explain the credentials process and project requirements, as well as identify qualified businesses, PRAGMATICSLOT88 will be meeting with Aboriginal communities, business organizations and economic development agents. Once capabilities have been established, local businesses and individuals will be invited to bid on project work.