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Myths debunked: Energy East and Winnipeg’s drinking water

FACT: Shoal Lake– the source of the City of Winnipeg’s drinking water – is not on the Energy East Pipeline route.
How safe are pipelines? How will you monitor Energy East? Are you ready to respond to an emergency? Is my drinking water at risk? We’ve heard many questions in the open houses the Energy East Pipeline team has held across Manitoba. For those who did not attend them, here are some FACT
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What you don’t know about emergency preparedness

24/7 monitoring: Our leak detection specialists monitor the pipeline around the clock from our Oil Control Centre.
Many Canadians have concerns about pipeline safety. We understand those concerns, which is why we invest close to $1 billion on pipeline safety each year. That’s $115,000 invested – every hour – to ensure our pipelines operate safely and reliably. (Watch this animation: Safely transpo
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Energy East – a project for all Canadians

Responsible development: We can build and operate Energy East in a way that preserves our environment and contributes to the economy
Canada has enormous natural wealth, from huge energy reserves to massive tracts of forest and an abundance of minerals and metals. For generations, the development of natural resources has brought opportunity, jobs and growth across our country. Today, there is a project to build a pi
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Pipelines under rivers: a few facts

Going under the river: horizontal directional drilling means pipelines can be safely installed well below the river bed while leaving the natural resources above intact and undisturbed.
Ever wondered how a pipeline goes under a river? In recent years, the development of new technologies mean pipelines can be safely installed, well below the river bed, leaving the environment above intact and undisturbed. How do we do this? One of the technologies we use is called hor
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Top 10 Questions Asked at our Open Houses

We have held more than 100 open houses across Canada in communities along the proposed Energy East pipeline route, giving us the opportunity to answer your questions on serious issues such as safety, wildlife protection or the economic opportunities the project will generate. We’re pr
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PIGs in the Pipes

The smart PIG is propelled by flowing oil or gas along the length of the pipe. While travelling, sensors detect changes in the pipeline steel caused by dents, cracks or metal loss. The only time most people may have seen a Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG), is when James Bond villain Ge
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Meet some of the people behind the Energy East Pipeline Project

Every member of the Energy East Pipeline Project team is fully committed to protecting the environment and keeping you safe while delivering jobs and economic benefits that will help our communities flourish. Our current advertising campaign introduces you to a few of them. Meet Rebek
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Correcting the record in Toronto Star article on North Bay

Gateway of the north, city of North Bay: Sign outside the city of North Bay, Ont.
Following is our complete letter to the editor of the Toronto Star, in response to a recent article. Dear Editor, Your article by Raveena Aulakh published on September 28th contained incorrect information about TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline Project and I appreciate the opportunit
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Our Commitment to the Environment

One thing that opponents to pipelines find hard to acknowledge, at least publicly, is that a company like TransCanada takes its commitment to protect the environment very seriously. In their all-or-nothing view, a pipeline operator is in business to make money and does not care about
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TransCanada obtains permit for Cacouna surveys

When we talk about doing “the right thing”, we mean it. This applies both to our commitment to protect the environment we work in and our respect for all laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where we operate. On Aug 21, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environ
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