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Pipelines = more jobs for Ontario manufacturing

Buzzing shop floor: Energy East is set to create 30+ new jobs at Automatic Coating
“Not many people are aware of the huge focus pipeline companies have on safety and the strict quality standards they impose on suppliers like us” – Jocelyn Williams, VP Sales, Automatic Coating By Brad Bamford, President, Automatic Coating Limited I grew up in a family business,
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Foreign oil isn’t the solution. Energy East is!

In 2015, Canada paid $35 million each day to import foreign oil! That’s a lot of money considering our country’s oil production could largely cover our domestic needs. $35 million a day, that’s $13 billion a year! Can you imagine forest-rich Canada importing $13 billion worth of timbe
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Go East! Alberta and Saskatchewan mayors stand up for Energy East

Mayors from cities and towns across Alberta and Saskatchewan are throwing their support behind the Energy East Pipeline. Why? Because they see the pipeline creating jobs and economic growth along its 4,500-kilometre route, and they believe it can reduce our country’s dependence on for
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Energy East – a project for all Canadians

Responsible development: We can build and operate Energy East in a way that preserves our environment and contributes to the economy
Canada has enormous natural wealth, from huge energy reserves to massive tracts of forest and an abundance of minerals and metals. For generations, the development of natural resources has brought opportunity, jobs and growth across our country. Today, there is a project to build a pi
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The role of Energy East in the energy industry in Saskatchewan

Grain silos in a harvested wheat field
Saskatchewan is rich in many resources. The vast province is home to almost half of Canada’s total cultivated farmland and a leading wheat exporter. It is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of uranium and Canada’s second largest oil producer. Despite a recent drop in oil prices
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Updated study confirms real and lasting benefits for Canada

Energy East is more than a pipeline that will safely supply consumers in Quebec and New Brunswick with the oil they need. The project will also generate significant economic benefits for Canada by creating thousands of jobs and generating billions of dollars in tax revenues for commun
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TransCanada spurs pipeline skills training with new pipe donation in Saint John

Partnering to train a new generation of skilled pipeline workers: (from right to left) François Poirier (TransCanada), Premier Brian Gallant, Phil Hambrook (LiUNA) and Mark Sherman (Irving)
Creating jobs starts with building a skilled workforce. At TransCanada, we constantly look for opportunities to help develop a pool of talented professionals who will be ready for the jobs that are going to be created across the country through the Energy East Pipeline Project. New Br
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The truth about pipelines and greenhouse gas emissions

In Perspective: The entire oil sands industry, which employs tens of thousands of people and generates billions of dollars of wealth for our country, contributes only 0.1 percent of global Green House Gas emissions. – Government of Canada data (2012)
Today, a group of professional opponents staged the hand-delivery of messages to the National Energy Board (NEB), demanding that Canada’s energy regulator considers greenhouse gas emissions produced by the oil sector as a whole when it reviews our application to build the Energy East
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Energy East walks the talk on jobs with large motor contract to GE’s Peterborough plant

The Energy East project is expected to create some 4,200 jobs in Ontario during the first seven years with more than 1,300 following in the years after. About 250 of those will be positions for skilled, well-paid workers at GE Canada’s motors production plant in Peterborough. Today, w
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Energy East marks new step with regulatory application

Just over a year after announcing the Energy East Pipeline Project, we are pleased to be filing our formal project application with the National Energy Board of Canada (NEB). This filing is a milestone in the regulatory process to receive all necessary approvals to build and operate t
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