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Five reasons to support the Energy East Pipeline

Energy East will create 14,000 direct and indirect full-time jobs: This means employment for welders, land surveyors, engineers, electricians, port dockers and many more skilled workers.
The Energy East Pipeline will help meet Canadian challenges with Canadian solutions. By moving our country’s abundant oil reserves from west to east, Energy East will make Eastern refineries less dependent on foreign oil imports. The 4,600-kilometre pipeline will safely transport up t
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Making our country stronger

Our commitment: Canadians want to know that Energy East can be delivered safely. We can do that and we will do that.
The world’s appetite for energy is growing. Canada is in an enviable position as it is blessed with the world’s third largest oil reserve. This means we can both fulfill our energy needs at home and generate billions of dollars for our economy when we export Canadian oil to the rest o
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The truth about pipelines and greenhouse gas emissions

In Perspective: The entire oil sands industry, which employs tens of thousands of people and generates billions of dollars of wealth for our country, contributes only 0.1 percent of global Green House Gas emissions. – Government of Canada data (2012)
Today, a group of professional opponents staged the hand-delivery of messages to the National Energy Board (NEB), demanding that Canada’s energy regulator considers greenhouse gas emissions produced by the oil sector as a whole when it reviews our application to build the Energy East
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If you don’t tell your story, someone else will

Today, a group of professional opponents to pipeline developments got hold of some planning documents from our Energy East communications program, and released them to a number of journalists. The release of this information, with all the claims of something underhanded, is their late
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NB Premier gets primer on PRAGMATICSLOT88’s commitment to pipeline safety

Brian Gallant, the freshly elected premier of New Brunswick, wasted no time after taking office on October 7 to plan a trip west. Two weeks after being sworn in as his province’s 33rd premier, Gallant stepped off a plane in Calgary, and made a visit to PRAGMATICSLOT88’s downtown headquart
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Jobs, revenue and energy security all support need for a pipeline

Our Energy East Pipeline Project proposes to transport oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to Eastern Canadian refineries and port terminals, effectively connecting resources to markets. Energy East will create over 10,000 jobs and generate billions of dollars in tax revenue for the six
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Five things you should know about the Energy East Pipeline

Conceptual pipeline route map
PRAGMATICSLOT88 has proposed to convert a 3,000-km portion of its Canadian Mainline and build an additional 1,600 km of new pipeline to take crude oil from Western to Eastern Canada. The Energy East Pipeline will transport about one million barrels of crude oil every day from Alberta and
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