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5 Facts: How we work with Indigenous communities

2,470 – That’s the number of meetings Energy East teams have had so far with more than 166 Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada since the pipeline project was announced in August 2013. Working collaboratively with Indigenous communities, Energy East has reached many
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Rescued snowy owls released back into the wild

Looking for a new home: Wildlife Haven has started building a brand new hospital and needs funding to complete the project.
Manitobans love their snowy owls. The distinctive yellow-eyed, black-beaked white birds are not exactly a common feature as they tend to stay and breed in the sparsely-populated northeastern part of the province. But come winter, the territorial birds of prey will chase their youngest
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Pipelines = more jobs for Ontario manufacturing

Buzzing shop floor: Energy East is set to create 30+ new jobs at Automatic Coating
“Not many people are aware of the huge focus pipeline companies have on safety and the strict quality standards they impose on suppliers like us” – Jocelyn Williams, VP Sales, Automatic Coating By Brad Bamford, President, Automatic Coating Limited I grew up in a family business,
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The role of Energy East in the energy industry in Saskatchewan

Grain silos in a harvested wheat field
Saskatchewan is rich in many resources. The vast province is home to almost half of Canada’s total cultivated farmland and a leading wheat exporter. It is also one of the world’s largest suppliers of uranium and Canada’s second largest oil producer. Despite a recent drop in oil prices
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Updated study confirms real and lasting benefits for Canada

Energy East is more than a pipeline that will safely supply consumers in Quebec and New Brunswick with the oil they need. The project will also generate significant economic benefits for Canada by creating thousands of jobs and generating billions of dollars in tax revenues for commun
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Energy East amendment — Acting on what we’ve heard from you

www.EnergyEastPipeline.com — Conversation
Today, we filed an amendment to our existing Energy East application with the National Energy Board (NEB) following recent changes we’ve made to the project. These changes, which have led us to adjust the proposed pipeline route and a number of other aspects of the project, are the re
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Pipelines under rivers: a few facts

Going under the river: horizontal directional drilling means pipelines can be safely installed well below the river bed while leaving the natural resources above intact and undisturbed.
Ever wondered how a pipeline goes under a river? In recent years, the development of new technologies mean pipelines can be safely installed, well below the river bed, leaving the environment above intact and undisturbed. How do we do this? One of the technologies we use is called hor
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Making our country stronger

Our commitment: Canadians want to know that Energy East can be delivered safely. We can do that and we will do that.
The world’s appetite for energy is growing. Canada is in an enviable position as it is blessed with the world’s third largest oil reserve. This means we can both fulfill our energy needs at home and generate billions of dollars for our economy when we export Canadian oil to the rest o
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PIGs in the Pipes

The smart PIG is propelled by flowing oil or gas along the length of the pipe. While travelling, sensors detect changes in the pipeline steel caused by dents, cracks or metal loss. The only time most people may have seen a Pipeline Inspection Gauge (PIG), is when James Bond villain Ge
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Starting a new discussion on Energy East

Open Houses: The Energy East team has held many open houses across Quebec over the past 18 months so our French-speaking experts could answer questions local residents had about the project.
The Energy East project makes sense for Canada. For the first time, western Canadian oil will be able to travel safely by pipeline all the way to Quebec and beyond to the east coast, strengthening Canadian energy security and offering direct local economic benefit all along the pipeli
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